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Basic Information New

Project No. KCS-P-23-012
Proponent SKC VVB None
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Energy Demand
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Asia


Project Name Building cooling and heating energy saving business through application of smart window film
Estimated Reduction Size Unknown
Overview 1. Business purpose - Reduction of greenhouse gases : Reduces fossil fuel and electricity consumption by reducing building cooling and heating loads by attaching smart windows 2. Business boundary - The entire project building is included within the project boundary - Heat production facilities related to heating and cooling of existing buildings are included - Exclusions : Production of hot and cold water for hot-water supply, electrothermal load of the building
Type New (1.0)
Project Approval Date 2021-12-14
Business Scope Downstream
Emission Source CO2,CH4
Methodology KCS-M-23-011
Estimated Project Start Date 2021-01-01
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Evaluation Comments

Under Project Evaluation    2023-04-24 12:56:55 jst7752

Project Registered    2023-06-02 16:23:57 KCS

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