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Basic Information New

Project No. KCS-P-23-009
Proponent 우아한형제들 VVB None
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Waste Management and Disposal
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Asia
Project Name Project aimed at inhibiting the use of disposable products through the Baedal Minjok(Baemin) service
Estimated Reduction Size Unknown
Overview This project reduces the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from producing raw materials for disposable products and disposable products themselves as well as disposing of such products by discouraging the unnecessary use of disposable products when ordering or receiving food from Baemin, a delivery platform service provided by Woowa Brothers. All the detailed information of this is submitted to KCS program and confirmed by them and to be updated. Please note that the updated files are fully or partially transcribed and versed in local language and refer to the original title in Korean as described below: 배달의민족 서비스를 통해 일회용품의 사용을 억제하는 사업
Type New (1.0)
Project Approval Date 2022-12-14
Business Scope Upstream, Downstream
Emission Source CO2,CH4,N2O
Methodology KCS-M-23-017
Estimated Project Start Date 2022-01-01
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Evaluation Comments

Under Project Evaluation    2023-04-24 12:55:29 jst7752

Project Registered    2023-06-02 16:29:06 KCS

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