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    SK에너지 주식회사(skenergy)
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    SK에너지 주식회사(skenergy)
    SK에너지 주식회사(skenergy)
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    KCCI Center(KCS)

Basic Information New

Serial No KCS-P-23-005
Proponent SK에너지 주식회사 VVB None
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Construction Industry
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Asia


Project Name Business for reduction of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions through production of warm mix asphalt concrete in Korea
Estimated Reduction Size Unknown
Overview 1. Purposes - Warm mix asphalt concrete can be produced at 30-40℃ lower temperature than conventional hot mix asphalt concrete. - In the case of producing warm mix asphalt concrete, it is possible to obtain effects such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and suppression of harmful gases through reduction of fossil fuel consumption. 2. Contents - Asphalt mixture manufacturing plants use warm asphalt binders produced by SK Energy corporation to lower the production temperature of asphalt mixture by 30-40℃, which is a greenhouse gas reduction project by reducing fossil fuel and electricity consumption. 3. Border - Limited to asphalt mixture manufacturing plants where aggregates and asphalt binders are mix.
Project Approval Date 2021-10-14
Business Scope Downstream
Emission Source CO2,CH4,N2O
Methodology KCS-M-23-005
Estimated Project Start Date 2021-01-01
Location 35.142910666909096, 128.84723769771747    
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Evaluation Comments

Monitoring Report Evaluation    2023-06-27 17:07:40 jst7752


Monitoring Report Approval Requested    2023-06-28 14:49:52 KCS

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