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Basic Information New

Serial No KCS-P-23-002
Proponent SK케미칼 VVB None
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Chemical Industry
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Worldwide


Project Name Project for carbon storage(fixation) when growing biomass as a raw material and greenhouse gas reduction generated from waste plastic incineration when bio-based plastic is disposed
Estimated Reduction Size Unknown
Overview 1. Target - ECOZEN T110 (Bio-based plastic products) 2. Concept - By producing ECOZEN T110 which is a bio-based plastic, the reduction amount of greenhouse gas is evaluated by considering the characteristics of bio-based monomer whose carbon absorption is fixed to raw materials.
Project Approval Date 2022-12-14
Business Scope Upstream, Downstream
Emission Source CO2,CH4,N2O
Methodology KCS-M-23-014
Estimated Project Start Date 2022-01-01
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Evaluation Comments

Monitoring Report Evaluation    2023-09-23 13:14:15 KCS

귀사가 제출한 감축사업 모니터링 보고서에 대한 적합성 검토 결과를 첨부와 같이 안내 드리오니, 해당 내용 참고하여 보완 후 제출하시기 바랍니다.

Monitoring Report Approval Requested    2023-11-20 16:00:21 KCS

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