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Methodology No.
Applicable Projects
Country/Area of origin
Continent to be applied
Methodology Approval Date
Open Comment
KCS-M-23-008 Afforestation and reforestation methodology in degraded mangrove habits 1.0 SK이노베이션 VC Center Forest Korea, Rep. Asia 2021-12-14 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-007 Methodology for fossil fuel reduction project according to the installation of dedicated batteries for electric or hybrid vehicles 1.0 SK On Transportation Korea, Rep. Worldwide 2021-11-15 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-006 Methodology for improving vehicle fuel use efficiency through the development and sale of low-viscosity engine oil 1.0 SKEN Transportation Korea, Rep. Asia 2021-11-15 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-005 Methodology on reduction of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing warm mix asphalt concrete 1.0 SK에너지 주식회사 Construction Industry Korea, Rep. Asia 2021-10-14 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-004 Methodology of Electricity Consumption Reduction Project by Improving Low Power eSSD Performance of SK hynix 1.0 SK하이닉스 Energy Demand Korea, Rep. Worldwide 2021-10-25 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-002 Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass 1.0 KCCI Center Energy Demand Korea, Rep. Asia 2021-08-31 0 M.Registered valid
KCS-M-23-001 Methodology for improved forest management through extension of rotation age from Korean National Forest Certification System of Forestry and Mountain Villages Development Promotion Act 1.0 sk임업 Forest Korea, Rep. Asia 2021-08-31 0 M.Registered valid