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Basic Information New

Methodology No. KCS-M-23-026 Writer Samsung Electronics (2023-11-16 10:42:59)
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Energy Demand
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Worldwide
VVB None


Title Methodology for reducing power usage in home appliances through software-based power saving technologies
Overview This methodology is applicable to activities that reduce the power use of home appliances by applying software-based power-saving technologies to home appliances and ensuring that home appliances are operated in an energy-optimized state.
Type New (1.0)
Methodology Approval Date 2023-12-20
Expiration Period 99 years
Expiration valid
Business Scope Downstream
Emission Source CO2,CH4,N2O
Comments .
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Evaluation Comments

Instruct Register for Public Documents    2023-11-16 14:46:09 KCS

귀사가 신청한 신규 방법론에 대한 대외 공개의견수렴 진행이 필요합니다. 이에 따라 제출하신 자료 중, 대외 공개 예정 자료(방법론 제안서, 제3자 검증보고서)에 대해 대외공개용 버전을 11월 22일까지 검토 후 제출하시기 바랍니다.

Methodology Registered    2024-01-26 14:11:59 KCS

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