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Basic Information New

Methodology No. KCS-M-23-020 Writer SOMUNA Co LTD (2023-08-07 16:41:48)
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Transportation
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Asia
VVB None


Title A Methodology for the Improvement of Transport Energy Efficiency through the Installation of Non-driving Refrigeration and Refrigeration Devices for Cold Chain Vehicles
Overview This methodology is applied to a project to install a new non-driving refrigeration and refrigeration system, a non-driving vehicle battery electronic control system, to prevent unnecessary vehicle idling to operate and maintain a refrigeration and refrigeration device installed in a cold chain (e.g., truck) used to maintain the freshness of products in the logistics and distribution field.
Type New (1.0)
Methodology Approval Date 2023-11-02
Expiration Period 5 years
Expiration valid
Business Scope Outside of V/C
Emission Source CO2
Comments 귀사가 신청한 감축사업 방법론에 대한 적합성 검토 결과를 첨부와 같이 안내 드립니다.
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Evaluation Comments

Instruct Register for Public Documents    2023-08-22 10:39:56 KCS

공개의견수렴을 위한 공개용 문서 작성요청

Under Methodology in open comment    2023-08-22 13:00:36 KCS

콜드체인 전용 차량 무시동 냉장·냉동장치 장착을 통한 수송에너지 효율 향상 사업에 대한 방법론 대외 공개의견수렴 진행

Methodology Registered    2023-11-14 14:26:50 KCS

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