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Basic Information New

Methodology No. KCS-M-23-021 Writer 4EN (2023-09-13 16:21:42)
GHG Program KCS Applicable Projects Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage, and Reuse
Country/Area of origin Korea, Rep. Continent to be applied Asia
VVB None


Title A Methodology for Reducing Greenhouse Gas in the Agricultural Sector by the Carbon Sequestration of Biochar
Overview The methodology is a methodology for reducing greenhouse gases in the agricultural sector according to the carbon sequestration of biochar. In this methodology, the raw materials of biochar are limited to agricultural residues, agricultural organic waste, and food processing organic waste. Since carbon, which constitutes vegetable raw materials, is formed by absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the principle of this methodology is to carbonize plant-based waste collected from the atmosphere and store it in the soil for a long time.
Type New (1.0)
Methodology Approval Date 2023-11-02
Expiration Period 5 years
Expiration valid
Business Scope Downstream
Emission Source CO2
Comments .
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Evaluation Comments

Instruct Register for Public Documents    2023-10-16 18:52:27 KCS

귀사가 신청한 탄소감축 방법론에 대해 대외 공개의견수렴 절차를 진행하고자 하오니, 대외 공개 예정 자료인 아래 첨부문서를 확인하시고 이상이 있을 경우 인증센터로 알려주시기 바랍니다.

Under Methodology in open comment    2023-10-17 16:26:44 KCS

포이엔에서 방법론 공개 의견수렴용 문서를 보내왔으며, 특이사항 없기에 공개의견 수렴 진행하겠습니다.

Methodology Registered    2023-11-14 14:25:24 KCS

제4차 인증위원회 심의 결과 최종 승인

Certification Center's Supplements    2023-11-21 17:08:14 KCS

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