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KCR Issuing

KCCI Certified Reduction (KCR) refers to carbon reduction measured and certified based on the KCS. It must satisfy KCI principles and requirements and is comprehensively evaluated on a 1 tCO2-eq basis for the seven major greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs, NF3, and SF6).

Third-party Verification

Verification by an independent 3rd party auditor is required to apply for registration of methodologies and PDD or to submit monitoring reports.

A 3rd party auditor must have a reduction project evaluation process and an auditor management system and must be capable of managing and providing them in a transparent manner. 3rd party auditor must meet one or more of the following requirements.

  1. 1)Institutions registered in global reduction systems
  2. 2)Institutions must satisfy relevant international standards such as ISO 14065: 2013 and IAF MD 6: 2014 and have auditors qualified to evaluate carbon reduction projects

Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Opinion Gathering

The KCCI Center transparently discloses all the documents, procedures, and approval results, excluding business secrets of project proponent, to secure trust by hearing and reflecting stakeholder opinions.

The KCS and approved methodologies are reviewed periodically to ensure compliance with current requirements, globally best practices, and scientific consensus. Opinions from stakeholders are collected and reflected in newly applied methodologies or significant changes to the KCS, requirements, guidelines, documents, and approved methodologies.