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About us


The KCCI Center for Carbon Reduction Certification is
a specialized non-profit organization that evaluates and certifies the activities to voluntarily reduce the carbon to support the carbon neutrality of companies, public institutions, and individuals.
The center objectively and quantitively evaluates technology-based carbon reduction effects of products or services, in addition to the existing reduction projects.

The KCCI Center would build a global network and move forward into a platform driving the global ecological ecosystem
to contribute to the transition into a green society.


We welcome you to visit the official website of KCCI Carbon Standard.

To begin with, KCCI was established in 1884 as a non-profit organization which aims to be a cornerstone to make a better industrial circumstance for public and private sectors, while we are helping them to do fair, transparent, competitive business that is necessary to their sustainable development.

As the name indicated, we act such a significant role as chamber of commerce and industry based in Seoul representing Korea over the centennial, however not in a country, keeping in ties with other national chambers, institutions, and academic resources, connecting with our global branches and network abroad. We are considering guiding them to participate in solving public issues, such as environmental and social sector, to make a better and brighter society beyond the country.

KCCI is operating independently with a separate governance system, against the government and other facilities and companies, and managing some public duties under the commitment by the government, with no favor or interest. As one of influent economic organizations in the country, along with international trade association, federation of industries, federation of SMEs, we are trying to publicize in making issues to be solved or improved on a business field, in skillful and professional ways.

To contribute for the sustainable growth on the globe, we established the SMI, a Sustainable Management Institution in 2005 to lead and support industries, especially to find an ecological friendly way in business field. This institute under KCCI has subdivisions include Green Energy support, Carbon Neutrality and so on.

In addition to this, we recognized the importance of carbon emissions on aviation field that most companies related to find a proper way to solve this matter. Then, we open the center for carbon reduction certification and its carbon standard named KCS to set up a carbon standard to cope with carbon emissions issues.

We are pursuing to make KCS do such a key role on the carbon market, not only in the country, but at global stage. We are ready to keen to support with the latest knowledge whoever knock us, and then we would keep your ecofriendly values for all of us. We are believed to do so, that is such a right way to pursue to make better for the brighter future for sustainable management and development.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!