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About us

Our Mission

We support corporate GHG reduction activities and carbon neutrality by quantifying voluntary GHG reduction activities of companies, public institutions, and individuals (various entities) and certifying their achievements. These activities contribute to protecting the global environment and handing over a 'better environment' to future generations.

Global GHG emissions from fossil fuels have increased significantly with industrialization. The climate change issue has become a reality, and countries around the world are making countless efforts to overcome the climate crisis through various activities.

Since the Paris Agreement, a new climate regime committed to keeping the global average temperature increase significantly lower than 2℃ compared to pre-industrial levels and restricting it to 1.5℃, the importance of carbon neutrality and the carbon market are becoming increasingly important.

Under the circumstances, carbon neutrality became a must, not an option. Besides reducing GHG directly generated along the value chain of business activities, there is a growing emphasis on GHG reduction through the supply of eco-friendly products and services. Constant discovery and generalization of technology-based GHG reduction projects may speed up progress in various areas, including products and services companies provide.

Accordingly, the Carbon Reduction Certification Center established a certification system with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry's carbon reduction certification standard (KCCI Carbon Standard, KCS) for quantifying and measuring technology-based GHG reduction activities in addition to traditional activities. Companies can quantify the GHG reduction effect of their products and services and further use it as an offset method for carbon neutrality.

With various methodologies and reduction projects developed, refined, and recognized for their high-quality reduction performance, a friendly environment will be ready for companies to achieve carbon neutrality, which is the most effective way to prevent global climate change.

The Carbon Reduction Certification Center aims to create a private-led 'voluntary carbon market ecosystem' through objective and transparent disclosure of information and consistent improvement and development, thereby promoting the voluntary efforts of various entities toward carbon neutrality.

What We Do

The Carbon Reduction Certification Center evaluates methodologies and projects for various GHG reduction activities and provides objective and reliable assurance of the reduction performance.

What the Carbon Reduction Certification Center does

  • Provide Carbon Standard

    Provide carbon reduction certification standards to objectively measure reduction performance.

  • Certify, Register, and Manage methodologies

    Certify, register, and manage methodologies for measuring reduction effects from traditional GHG reduction projects and products and services companies provide.
    A Project Design Document (PDD) may also be registered at the same time for administrative convenience

  • Verify carbon reduction and transfer to credits

    Certify monitoring results and issue reduction results after the GHG reduction project is carried out according to the methodology and business plan

  • Manage and Secure Registry information

    Manage and provide information on incineration and transactions of issued reduction results in the Registry.