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Journey to Global Net Zero

Join us on our journey to create a better tomorrow
by reducing our carbon emissions and protecting nature.

The center of the objective and transparent
voluntary carbon market

We provide reliable, objective and transparent information to reduce our carbon footprint.

Realization of true Net Zero
for people and the planet

We support the virtuous cycle of voluntary carbon reduction for a sustainable world against climate change.

Better Net Zero, Better Life

Centero provides services that everyone can trust to ensure the most efficient and optimal carbon reduction. From support for carbon reduction certification process to credit issuance and transaction brokerage, we implement Net Zero for people and the planet.

  • Efficient Net Zero

    One-stop service from project registration to certification, credit issuance and trading for carbon trading

  • Robust Net Zero

    Accurate and verified evaluation/certification through cooperation with major domestic/foreign certification bodies and associations

  • Credible Net Zero

    A transparent environment in which all companies and individuals participating in voluntary carbon trading can trust each other

The more steps we take for the Earth,
the more efforts for reliable carbon reduction we support
Join us on our journey towards a sustainable planet.

Reliable GHG Program

We transparently disclose monitoring information and data related to carbon reduction projects through proven carbon standard-based process operation.