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About US

What We Do

We support every step of the way to make Net Zero a reality, develop the carbon-reduction market, and work tirelessly to make it sustainable.
We actively support everyone to flexibly connect every step of carbon reduction and implement true customer value.
  • Methodology/Project Approval and Evaluation

    We guarantee accurate and verified evaluation and certification through cooperation with reliable organizations and institutions such as certification agents, validation bodies, and non-profit organizations.

  • Reduction amount certification/credit management

    It is possible to certify the amount of carbon reduction produced by projects, and to issue and discard/cancel credits. It is possible to manage the issued credits based on the best certification service in one place.

  • Credit Trading

    We provide objective and transparent information that can be trusted by different companies, institutions and individuals so that true Net Zero can be realized.

We help you understand the difficult and complex voluntary carbon market easily and clearly.
We support the certification process and credit issuance for carbon reduction projects on an optimized platform,
and provide intuitive and reliable services so that credit transactions can be made transparently and safely.

We provide a registry service that enables MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) of greenhouse gas reduction projects in the voluntary carbon market, and issue credits certified for reductions to support credit transactions with companies that promote Net Zero.